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  • It was a romantic journey where I proposed to my wife on the bridge in the middle of the river. There wasn't any fancy arrangement but peaceful and simple. I still remember the sound of flowing water and singing birds.   

  • An ancient city, an ancient church, an ancient road....... I felt extremely peaceful when I heard the bells. It was a beautiful memory and I will remember every single stone of this city.  

  • In the middle of the day, an public anncoument broke through the chilling atmosphere of the city square. People stopped what they were doing and started praying. We could clearly hear the seagulls under such a quiet and solemn moment.  

  • Waiting for train at the oldest subway in Europe is classic. It is like a time machine sitting across the second largest financial centre in the world, bringing people back to the last century.   

  • I have seen many street artists at different corners of the world. This one I saw in Mexico had caught me and my partner's eyes. From his wearings to instruments, the colors were so fruitful. He reminded me of Bob Marley.   

  • Walking along River Thames at a cloudy afternoon is very relaxing. I can imagine how London's skyline will be like in the future when looking at the cranes across the river.   

  • This is one of my favorite places in Sydney where I walk past at least twice a week. It reminds me of my wedding everytime I hear the bell. My 'new journey' started there.   

  • What a local market! So many bikes! So many fruits! So many people! Everybody was non-stop speaking in Vietnamese. I guess they were trying to sell their products.  

  • Although I am not religious, I quite like this small temple sitting in the downtown of Singapore. It is just near to my favorite barbeque pork place. The wall color of the temple is very Southeast Asian to me.   

  • Barcelona is always a very passionate and energetic city. But tango and matador are not what attract me the most. Instead, I love walking around in this busy city without planning, checking out different styles of their buildings.  

  • Catching a two-storey red bus is one of the signature activities in UK. Because the traffic congestion has always been a serious issue there, the time spending on the bus is more than you can imagine. If you are not in a rush, it is a good way to sightsee around London.   

  • My bike journey started there all the way to Bebelplatz. There is so much to do in such a historical city - museums, orchestra, galleries, beer festival, hotdogs, etc. Staying there for only a week wasn't enough for art lovers like myself.   

  • I love this local market very much although it was very crowded. Visiting one of these local markets is a classic in an Arabic country. I remember I bought a carpet and a scarf. If I can understand Arabic, I think I would have bought more.   

  • It is one of my favorite places in Japan. Ramen, sake, shopping, gaming...most of the things you want to do in Japan can be done there. I was lucky enough to bump into a street taiko performance.  

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