To facilitate communications between nations, we learn their cutlures through art.


Our Story

The company was first established in Melbourne, Australia back in 2012. The arts and cultural atmosphere in Melbourne reflect the distinctive profile of our city and help make it a cultural capital with a global reputation for its diversity, energy, and creativity. Every year, Melbourne is home to a variety of domestically and internationally rich activities such as festivals, exhibitions, musicals, and theatrical performances. Our company has a team of professionals specialising in cultural project development (including project management, creative marketing, public relations, curatorial, film, and television production) and a strong media network. Our aim is to bridge Australia’s art culture with the rest of the world through creative and cultural exchanges projects.


To further promote arts and culture collaboration between nations, Time of Art (ToA) – a brand that is specifically designed for the development of cross-cultural communications projects, was founded. Our purpose is to provide a platform for traditional and contemporary art projects to bridge the artistic expressions within different cultures. Some of our key projects include the collaborative project between cultural heritage and modern street art "Bluestonia: Paperhood", the integration of Chinese and Australian paper art "Paper Culture I" and "Paper Culture II – The Shadow in Between" and so on. These projects have been highly praised and were sponsored by the local governments and universities with extraordinary media coverage and positive social impact in the arts sector.


Through Time of Art, artists of both countries are able to discover new ways to showcase artworks of their own cultural heritage. Recently, Time of Art has partnered with large organisations to research and develop large-scale, innovative, multinational films and television projects. Our aim is to drive and push artistic exchange projects to a new era, allowing traditional culture to be comprehensively presented to our audience in a contemporary format.

Our Vision

Through accumulation of creative concept and educational implementation; we operate and manage traditional artistic heritage, develop platforms to showcase innovative ideas, bridge traditional with contemporary art whilst aiming to be the pioneer and promoter of creative culture.


Our Mission

We are committed to provide service and contribute to the platform which enhances communication and interaction between Australia and rest of the world. Through art and culture and education, our experts aim to design and deliver holistic creative solutions that help clients to connect and thrive.

Time of Art is also keen on social responsible company, which contributes to society with constructive opinions and actions.


A quality space is essential to a quality event. Fittings, lighting, layout and location of a space directly affect the outcome of an exhibition. Therefore, choosing an appropriate venue is a key to success. 


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